Annie Whitehead
The Gathering (PVC1022)
UK Release Date: 11 September 2000

Annie Whitehead has long been considered one of the finest and most versatile trombonists in Britain today. Her influences and styles range across the musical spectrum, from pop to funk to reggae to jazz. The Gathering, her first album for Provocateur highlights Annie's trademark style; passion, power, rhythm and funk, and captures her music at its most infectious. Guest vocals from the legendary Robert Wyatt on Before We Knew.

Annie Whitehead Trombones / Ian Maidman Guitars, / Steve Lamb Bass, / Steve Lodder Piano/Keyboards, / Liam Genockey Drums-Percussion, / Robert Wyatt Guest Vocals

  1. Mist
  2. The Gathering
  3. Blue Note Bounce
  4. This Affects That
  5. The Lonely Heart (part 1)
  6. The Lonely Heart (part 2)
  7. Before we knew
  8. Afro Blue
  9. Remembering
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