Marcio Doctor
Restless World (PVC1024)
UK Release Date: 5 February 2001

A unique album often comes along with a unique story, and Restless World is no exception. Marcio Doctor was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and from the age of five began to play percussion and piano, with a dream of learning from the best. It wasn't until years later he travelled to Europe and established himself in Hamburg to fulfil this ambition, and study under Mark Nauseef.

Restless World, his debut UK release, is the vanguard of today's forward-looking jazz, effortlessly encompassing many different musical forms and pulling influences from all corners of the globe. Featuring the exhilarating skills of Christof Lauer on saxophone, and a line up of original thinkers and supremely skilled musicians, the group has an individual sound, with a chamber ensemble quality.

Composed and produced by Marcio himself, the album follows an intense and exhilarating musical journey. Marcio says of the record; '1 think the most rewarding listening is achieved when the suite is heard in its complete form."

Since he has been living in Hamburg he has played alongside many great musicians; Carla Bley, Glen Velez, Peter Erskine, Gary Burton, Vince Mendoza, Dino Saluzzi, Steve Swallow, Lalo Schifrin, Alex Acuña, George Gruntz, Tom Scott, David Friedman, WDR Big tape, MarÍa João, Mário Laginha, Tony Oxley, Hanover Philharmonic Orchestra, Miroslav Tadic, Michel Godard, Claudio Puntin. Marcio is currently the percussionist with the NDR Big Band in Germany, the group that all the players from Restless World perform in.

"Sensitivity, clarity, respect, wide vision with a sharp open mind a huge warm heart.. .some of the elements of the awake non-stylistic style of Marcio Doctor." - Mark Nauseef

  1. Primal soils
  2. Restless world
  3. The unique wind
  4. Sombras del regreso
  5. Playground in the dark
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