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Improvise not compromise – an ethic strongly adhered to since the birth of Provocateur Records in 1996 - is demonstrated by the artists on Provocation, a sampler CD aimed at highlighting the depth of talent and creativity throughout the label’s catalogue. This ten-track illustration of the Provocateur forward way of thinking includes a previously unreleased track from Colin Towns’ Mask Orchestra.

This album is available through retail outlets at a special price and strengthens Provocateur’s status as one of the leading jazz independents in the UK with a roster of artists that now includes some of the most intriguing players and composers in Europe.

The full track listing is:

  1. Learning to wave (Andy Sheppard)
  2. Scrim (John Parricelli)
  3. This affects that (Annie Whitehead)
  4. Gallows humour (Julian Arguelles)
  5. Dreaming man with blue suede shoes (Mask Symphonic)
  6. Renewal (De Vito, Taylor, Towner)
  7. Sobabini (Alan Skidmore feat. Amampondo)
  8. Restless World (Marcio Doctor)
  9. Tippi (Andy Sheppard)
  10. Natural fear (Mask Orchestra)
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