Andy Sheppard
Learning To Wave (PVC1016)
ALBUM DISCONTINUED - available to purchase from download stores only

This exciting band, featuring Sharda Sahai on tabla, creates a truly fresh and individual sound. Featuring Sheppard's playing and his lyrical composition at its very best, the warm tunes and passionate playing form a rich tapestry that makes this album beautiful and unique.

Features special guest Sharda Sahai on tabla and a new sextet especially formed for the album featuring John Parricelli, Steve Lodder, Paul Clarvis & Chris Laurence.
  1. Natural Calling
  2. Just Below The Surface
  3. Peshwari
  4. Learning To Wave
  5. Almost Sophia
  6. A Certain Lift
  7. Joined At The Hip
  8. Bye Bye
  9. Quiet Corners
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