Andy Sheppard & John Parricelli
P.S. (PVC1034)
UK Release Date: 31 March 2003

Following a series of highly acclaimed duo gigs in 2002, saxophonist ANDY SHEPPARD ('a formidable and fearless jazz improviser') and JOHN PARRICELLI ('an imaginative and resourceful writer as well as a fine guitarist') further their long-standing musical association with P.S., a new studio album for Provocateur Records.

Already described as 'a fascinating collaboration between two of the most creative musicians in UK jazz', P.S. is a clearly articulated, lyrical, atmospheric and absorbing exploration of a wide range of influences, including jazz, Latin and ambient music.

Recorded in January 2003, the album features John Parricelli on acoustic and electric guitars and Andy Sheppard on tenor and soprano saxophones.

  1. Reverie
  2. Glencarron
  3. Les mains d'alice
  4. He stood in his shoes and he wondered
  5. Art house soft leg incident
  6. Mer de glace
  7. Messala
  8. Joni
  9. Say so
  10. Touch
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