Vladyslav Sendecki
Piano (PVC1039)
German Release date: 2 November 2007
UK Release date: TBC

Born 1955 in Gorlice, Poland, Vladyslav Sendecki, a child prodigy from the age of four, joined the Frederic Chopin Conservatory in Krakau when he was 11 and later studied at Krakau’s music academy. By the time he was 15 he was touring as a classical pianist but Jazz was to become his real passion.

Having played with the likes of Randy and Michael Brecker, Jaco Pastorius and Billy Cobham and being part of the NDR Bigband, Hamburg, since 1996 ‘Piano’ is his first CD after a 20 year soloistic breather.

The themes are sketches of meditative atmospheres, which are composed while playing, constantly opening new doors to pure beauty and light. Featuring Sendecki’s own compositions the CD also includes arrangements of compositions by Friedrich Gulda, John McLaughlin and Daniel Schnyder.

The music gives a sound to Vladyslav Sendecki’s vision of a beautiful world full of freedom and tolerance and is the essence of his person – curious, romantic, critical, sensitive and relentlessly honest.
  1. Thousand Island Park
  2. Variations
  3. Chagall Suite Part 1
  4. Chagall Suite Part 2
  5. Chagall Suite Part 3
  6. Donne Variations
  7. Vicious Circle
  8. Friendly Garden
  9. Harlequin
  10. For all Lonely People
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