Colin Towns NDR Bigband
Lend Me Your Ears (PVC1038)
UK Release Date: 4 September 2006

Lend Me Your Ears features the whole of Hamburg’s NDR bigband and covers a huge variety of contemporary writing (all original compositions by Colin Towns) for a large group: from middle eastern (Storyman) through to electronics (Lend Me Your Ears) to chamber pieces (Voyage Around Vladyslav, a suite to highlight the incredible talents of pianist Vladyslav Sendecki); fun (Franks Big Boogie Machine); elegant beauty (A Kiss For Eternity); dance (Tango Teaser) and wild (Ghost Train Through The Chaos Theory). Always with melodic twists and hooks and never alienating.
  1. Sound Bites
  2. Tango Teaser
  3. Miss Demeanour
  4. Storyman
    Voyage Around Vladyslav
    1. Hemingway
    2. Creole Cat Call
    3. Bird of Prey
    4. Song of The Curlew
    5. Dancer With Bad Lipstick
    6. Quiet Thoughts
  5. Blue Period
  6. Quiet Visionary
  7. Franks Big Boogie Machine
  8. A Kiss For Eternity
  9. Blues For Another Time
  10. Lend Me Your Ears
  11. Ghost Train Through The Chaos Theory
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