Colin Towns Mask Orchestra
Another Think Coming (PVC1028)
UK Release Date: 15 October 2001

The album features eight new Colin Towns' originals plus an electrifying arrangement of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's I Am the Walrus. The album also includes an unconventional reading of Reverie by French composer Claude Debussy. Recorded during July 2001, several days after the Mask Orchestra's acclaimed performance at the Getxo Festival in Spain, Another Think Coming represents an important new chapter in the history of a band recently described as "a great, snorting big band loaded with several generations of British Talent."
  1. Heated think tank
  2. I am the walrus
  3. Prayer
  4. Another think coming
  5. Andrew Hill and far away
  6. Hot lips
  7. Double speak
  8. Trash Talk
  9. Reverie
  10. Roaring at the Savoy
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