Julian ArgŁelles
As Above So Below (PVC1033)
UK Release Date: 22 March 2004

An uplifting album of contrasting originals from one of the most absorbing composers in European jazz.

For his sixth album as a leader and his second for Provocateur Records, saxophonist / composer Julian ArgŁelles has produced a large-scale work for jazz and classical musicians. Joining him are his regular band - STAN SULZMANN, IAIN DIXON, JIM RATIGAN, MIKE WALKER, STEVE WATTS, MARTIN FRANCE, HENRY LOWTHER - and the 20-piece TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC STRING ENSEMBLE, conducted by NIC PENDLEBURY (John Adams, Steve Reich, David Tannenbaum, English Symphonia etc).

ArgŁelles' latest work evolved from a commission that was originally performed in Saint Wendreda's Church in the historic East Anglian town of March. Inspired by the tranquil yet constantly evolving Fenlands and the church itself - world famous for the 120 angels carved into its roof (although closer inspection reveals one of these angels to be 'the devil') - ArgŁelles set out to explore the musical relationship between improvisation and formal structure. The result is a compelling album charged with a wide range of emotional and melodic surprises.

As Above, So Below also confirms Julian ArgŁelles' reputation as one of the most lyrical, passionate and highly individual musicians to come out of the British jazz scene.

  1. Upward Rush of Wings
  2. Since Then
  3. Happy Crackers
  4. Such Sweet Madness
  5. Piece 4D
  6. Wendreda's Way
  7. Angelus
  8. World Without Words
  9. Peace For Jess
  10. Lady In Wimple Headdress
  11. Chuckie Pend
  12. Bell Metal Lane
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