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Doc Martin

Original music soundtrack
(POV 1105)

Music by Colin Towns

"This music changed my life - let it change yours" - Martin Clunes

The noted and much requested soundtrack to the successful ITV comedy series is released October 2007.

The music is based on a distant seam of Cornish tango with melodies shooting off in all directions. In a word‘infectious’.

Doc Martin is a British television comedy drama. Created by Dominic Minghella, it is filmed on location in and around the fishing village of Port Isaac in Cornwall.

Martin Clunes plays Dr Martin Ellingham, a city surgeon who develops a fear of blood. He retrains as a GP and relocates to the sleepy village of Portwenn. The shows humour revolves around his interaction with his fellow villagers. His lack of personal skills are perceived as rude, grumpy and tactless upsetting his patients and causing mayhem throughout the village with hilarious consequences! The music is crucial to the atmosphere and prominent on screen adding weight and dignity to the blundering awkward character of Dr Ellingham!

The Catherine Cookson Music Collection Vol 1

Original music soundtrack
(POV 1104)

Colin Towns & Alan Parker

For the first time the music from these highly successful and popular dramas is available on a format that can be enjoyed over and over again. Fans of Catherine Cookson will be able to re-live the emotions from the last three productions: The Secret, Colour Blind and Tilly Trotter through the evocative and melodic scores on this soundtrack CD.

The Catherine Cookson Music Collection: Volume 1 features the work of two great British composers; Colin Towns, who composed the score for The Secret and Tilly Trotter, (Towns also arranged and produced the music for Catherine Cookson's audio cassette Her Way which reflected her life in song and words, in addition to six other Cookson adaptations) and Alan Parker who composed the music for Colour Blind (as well as Cookson's Round Tower).

Colin Towns is one of Britain's most prolific television and film composers. Credits include Maybe Baby, Essex Boys, Complicity, Waiting Time, Blue Murder, The Crow Road, Our Friends In The North, Vampire's Kiss, Space Truckers and Ben Elton's Popcorn. Alan Parker is a composer of great stature with film credits including What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Brittanic. His television works include the Ivor Novello nominated Rhodes, Bomber, Nancherrow, Oktober and the three-part drama The Unknown Soldier. He has also worked with such diverse stars as Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Andy Williams, Paul McCartney and Placido Domingo.

Guest House Paradiso

Original music soundtrack

Colin Towns Mask Orchestra

The original music soundtrack from Guest House Paradiso which includes snippets of the hilarious dialogue taken from the film which stars the inimitable Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Following the huge success of the TV show Bottom, Richie and Eddie team up again to make their first stunning movie. Un-welcome guests, impeccable manners and every day stories of rubber panties and radioactive power station leaks combine to make the funniest film of the year.

The music written by Colin Towns and performed by the Mask Orchestra is both intoxicating and inviting. Colin Towns is one of Britain's most prolific film and television composers. Credits include Space Truckers, Ben Elton's Popcorn, Essex Boys, Complicity, Crow Road, Vampire's Kiss, Our Friends In The North, Waiting Time and Blue Murder. In late 1990 the Mask Orchestra was born as an 18-piece big band which brought together some of the greatest and most important new and established players in jazz today.

The music they have recorded for the film is unlike the usual Mask albums, it is a rare breed of psycho-lounge jazz. They have taken everything that is great in the jazz genre and have turned it on its head to create the perfect lounge music for guests and staff of the Guest House Paradiso.